Smart Bowing Exercises

There are so many aspects to playing with a bow, it can be overwhelming.  Take away the mystery with Smart Bowing Exercises! This unique resource presents rhythms, dynamics, bowings, articulations and more in a easy-to-understand format with diagrams and clear … Read More

Smart Fingering Charts for Strings

Does shifting and playing in different positions intimidate you?  Smart String Teacher’s Smart Fingering Charts for Strings is a must-have!  A good set of fingering charts should be an essential part of a string player’s resources.  As one student says, … Read More

Smart Scales for Strings

Learning scales on an unmarked fingerboard can be overwhelming.  Smart Scales for Strings makes beginner and intermediate scales for Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass simple.  The natural progression and clearly laid-out fingering charts makes scales so easy, it practically … Read More