Always wanted to play the violin or fiddle?
Want to be sure to learn properly?
Get off to a solid start in just 4 weeks!


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Finding a good teacher or learning to play the violin properly on your own can often be hit or miss.  Some teachers are more skilled than others, and some videos are more helpful than others.  Instead of taking a chance on learning wrong, get off to a solid start with the Smart String Teacher time-tested and unique step-by-step method of learning violin.  It’s not only successful, it makes violin easy to learn!


What makes this class unique?

  • Classes are twice a week which is more effective than once-a-week lessons for beginners.
  • 1.25 hr classes give you more time to solidify each skill compared to weekly 30min. lessons.
  • The ‘crash course’ format helps you focus and achieve more in a shorter period of time.
  • You won’t just learn how to play, you will learn to troubleshoot your own problems.
  • You will learn from everyone in the class, accelerating your progress.


You will learn so much in 4 weeks, you will be amazed!

Best of all, it is only half the cost of private lessons, and it will be 75 minutes of fun!

Worried you might miss a class?  No problem.  Classes will be recorded and will be available to participants who need to catch up.

Class sizes are limited, so register now!


Class Dates:  Mondays and Wednesdays, June 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24
Time: 7:00pm to 8:15 EDT (Toronto)
Hours: 10 hrs

Fee: $250.00 USD

Class size:  maximum 8 participants

Required Materials:  stable internet connection with ability to use audio and video through Zoom, violin, bow, rosin, music stand, tuning app, extra strings


Space is limited.  Register now!



Course Content:

Bow Hold and Bow Arm

  • How to hold the bow correctly and with ease.
  • How to bow straight.
  • How to fix common bow hold and bow arm problems.

Instrument Hold

  • How to hold the instrument properly.
  • How to place your fingers properly and with ease.
  • How to fix common instrument hold problems.

Bowing Technique

  • How to use different parts of the bow.
  • How to slur effectively.
  • How to execute different articulations.


  • How to learn scales easily.
  • How to read fingering charts.
  • How to shift to higher positions.

Note Reading

  • How to read music.
  • How to read rhythms
  • Identifying different bowings and articulations.


  • How to tune your instrument
  • How to listen and play in tune.
  • How to practice effectively